Help Contacts

  • Need help getting started with Learn@Work? Contact the Systems and Procedures Help Desk at
  • Need help with the training requirements or web-based content? Contact the Owner listed on the the right of each learning module page once logged into Learn@Work.
    • Log into Learn@Work
    • Access the learning module using the Search feature or by Browsing the catalog from the upper right of the page.
    • Click on the learning module from the catalog to access the details and locate the Owner on the right side of the page. A link to compose and send an email is provided beneath their name.
    • Visit the Compliance Guide website for more information on faculty and staff compliance training requirements.
  • Need help as a department technical support staff member on resolving common LearnatWork challenges such as Flash Player, Adobe Reader and JAVA requirements as well as supported browsers? Review the Supported Browser listing below as well as the Learn@Work Support Info Sheet for more information.

Note:  It is best to use the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer to complete training. Older versions and custom browser settings, such as IE compatibility mode, may impact performance.

Supported Browsers

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